1. In 2005 TOUCH LIVES worked with National Action Network in coordinating with African countries’ delegates for the Hip Hop Summit in New York.

2. Managed production for Spring Wear Fashion Week 2006.

3. In 2005 TOUCH LIVES worked with Johannesburg Arts Alive in staging Busta Rhymes concert in September 2005.

4. Hosted the Virgin Mobile Akon and Phat Joe at Coca Cola Dome and Cape Town Sea Point Stadium in 2007.

5. Worked with the Gauteng Education Department on raising awareness on Entrepreneurship programs in schools and communities in 2007.

6. Hosted the Ultimate Music at Baseline in Johannesburg in 2007.

7. In 2007 worked with former Gauteng Premier Paul Mashatile's office in producing a heritage day program.

8. In 2008 staged a welcome ceremony with his Presidency Jacob Zuma with Internationally acclaimed Akon and the Presidents House.

9. Produced and managed the 1st international concert in Mozambique with Mcel, and Mocambique TV December 2007 – 2008.

10. Worked with Wits University SRC- in raising awareness to vote in 2009.

11. Implemented full marketing and PR campaign for the Cintron Akon concert at the Grand West Arena in Cape Town in June 2010.